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In store computer repair service

We provide a customer satisfaction guarantee for all our PC, Laptop and Mac repair services. For in-store service, we will get your computer back to you within 2-3 days for most work.

We always strive to provide a customer satisfaction guarantee for all our PC, laptop, and Macintosh repair services.

Computer Tune up

  • increase productivity
  • cleanup junk files
  • optimize speed and system performace

PC Repairs

  • Hardware Repairs and Installation
  • Software Repairs
  • OS Repairs

Laptop Repairs

  • DC Jack Repair
  • Screen Replacement
  • GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) Repairs

Mac Repairs

  • iMac Repairs
  • Upgrade Mac OS
  • Apple Laptop and Desktop Repairs

On site IT support and service for business and residential clients

On-Time computer repair and network services for onsite clients. We provide:

Network installation and support for wired or wireless networks. Our techs will come to your place to setup your computer network in a fast and efficient way.


Microsoft Server Installation, Configuration, and Support : Call our pros for Microsoft server installation and support .


Hourly service - No need to signup a contract !


For Immediate Onsite or Remote Support

Call: 734-975-6932

Is your laptop experience visual ailments? This could be the result of a cracked or bad screen or even a bad converter. We open up your laptop and test to see where your laptop needs attention and repair and replace failing parts to restore your laptop’s video components.

Are you getting a blue screen at startup? This problem can spring up from a number of sources: anything from a corrupt file or OS to a failing hard drive. Our techs will properly diagnose the problem and present a real solution

Is your PS2 or Xbox not working like it used to? This maybe the result of connections becoming loose within the gaming system. Then what you need is a GPU repair to resolder the broken connections in your system to get it running like new again!

Desktop now powering on? Laptop power adapter not charging the battery? If you need the power to start following back into your pc then Jafferson can replace a bad power supply, solder a dc jack connection back to the laptop motherboard or replace a bad battery.


Web and Mobile App Development

Our sister company Jafferson Software provides custom software development. They provide web development in different languages like PHP, Java, Flash Action Script and ASP. They offer affordable service for Mobile App development for both iOS and Android platforms.

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